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Educational Consulting

Schools that can provide consultation for the development of school improvement plans, mission statements, annual goals, and administrative evaluations. Consultation will include the facilitation of programs that are designed to foster improved student achievement, school spirit, and school and community relations.

Schools that provides educational consulting in the fields of:

Coaching and Mentoring Building Level Administrators

Dr. John B. Gordon III has mentored several administrators through the trials of tribulations of beginning administrative careers, managing faculty and staff, and promoting leadership. Dr. JBG3’s style of inspirational assistance leads to building level administrators that are excited and passionate about their positions. The Chief Belief being that schools take on the personality of their instructional leaders.

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Creation of Mission Statements

Developing mission statements can be a difficult task as school communities try to incorporate so many things into a few sentences. Dr. JBG3 can provide tips and key words that will make your School’s mission statement have purpose and a lasting foundation for excellence.

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Development of Administrative and Teacher Evaluations

With increasing levels of accountability in the field of education, school divisions continue to search for strategies to evaluate staff using consistent and transparent methods. Dr. JBG3’s experience in the development of evaluation criteria, rating systems, and timelines will lead to your school division praising so many high performing educators.

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Presentation of Annual Goals

Several times a school year, administrators must present data and yearly goals to all stakeholders. The key in annual goal or school improvement presentations is to ensure that your audience celebrates the good while acknowledging the challenges and key areas of focus. Dr. JBG3 can provide you with a custom made formula that will highlight your data positives while outlining your areas of focus for the upcoming school year. It is recommended that customers also partner Presentation of Annual Goals with the seminar on Data Driven Decision Making.

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School Improvement Plan Development

This seminar provides administrators with suggestions for the development of School Improvement Plans. Division and Building Level Administrators will review data in order to determine achievement gaps or areas of instructional focus. Dr. JBG3’s strategy is to assist schools and school divisions in the creation of programs that address areas that require inspiration. The Chief Belief being that all programs must address a specific need of the school or school division.

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School Spirited Communities

Building a school community with tradition and passion is the goal of every school administrator. Dr. JBG3 knows that school spirit can become the most powerful force in the history of education if promoted and celebrated the right way. Discover the tools necessary to building school spirit that will inspire generations.

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