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Motivational Speaking

Does your staff or students need motivating? Have they complained that they continue to receive the same message over and over? Dr. JBG3’s inspirational sessions incorporate humor, real life school situations, and energy that will leave the audience cheering for more. Motivational Topics Include:

Teacher Work Week Excitement-this motivational session focuses on teachers and staff being truly excited about returning to work. The message includes finding one student in which you can make a difference and buying into school and division improvement plans.

First Day of School Anxiety-this motivational session focuses on preparing students for the challenges of the upcoming school year. The message includes dealing with school fashion, bullying, and preparing students to be involved in their schools. The Chief Belief relates to students deciding to become leaders on the First Day of School!!!

I am tired of these damn tests!!!-this motivational session focuses on preparing students and staff for important assessments. With increasing levels of accountability in education, many staff and students feel that they are being assessed too much. Dr.JBG3 maps out a plan that shows your students and faculty the successful steps of succeeding on assessments and how to prepare for them in a fun and exciting way. Dr. JBG3 believes that student and faculty incentives play a large role in eliminating monotony and keeping stakeholders actively engaged.

Is it summer yet?-this motivational session is geared towards ensuring that staff and students finish the school year strong. Are teachers showing a lot of movies that do not relate to the curriculum? As you approach end of the year testing, does learning still continue when testing has concluded? Dr. JBG3 can assist your faculty and staff develop timelines and creative projects that will lead to your students wishing school did not end.


Where do I go from here?-this motivational session focuses on school divisions or schools that are in transition. Where do I go from here? can be used for School Improvement Plan sessions, semester breaks, or end of the school year assemblies. Dr. JBG3 knows that based on school data, serious adjustments and changes may have to be made. Where do I go from here? provides an inspirational message to some tough decisions that have to be made for the betterment of students and school communities.

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