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Culturally Relevant Instruction

Culturally Relevant Instruction

The Missing Piece to Closing the Achievement Gap

Culturally Relevant Instruction

The Perspective

Strategies for Talent Acquisition that Mirrors the Demographics of your School Division

Culturally Relevant Instruction

Active Engagement in the Classroom

Tips and Strategies to improve student achieve based on student interest and the development of project based assessments

Culturally Relevant Instruction

Building Relationships with Challenging Students

Methods to reduce student discipline, improve teacher morale and increase active engagement

Culturally Relevant Instruction

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

An overview of the RTI process with tiered interventions that support the whole child

Culturally Relevant Instruction

Inspiring Schools to Become Effective

Expertise in the Larry Lezotte Effective Schools Model for School Improvement

Culturally Relevant Instruction

Continuous Learning for Continuous Improvement

The Redesign of the School Improvement Process

Culturally Relevant Instruction

Executive Coaching for Educational Leadership

Customized coaching program designed for educational leaders looking to take the next step

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The Teacher’s Lounge:
The Real Role of Educators in Your Schools

What was it like growing up in the 1970's and 1980's as an African-American in Richmond, Virginia when both of your parents were educators? How did the love of science fiction, athletics, and the knowledge that you had to do well in school determine who you would become later in life?

Follow the educational journey of Dr. John B. Gordon III as he reflects upon life in the Gordon household while navigating being an African-American male in predominantly white suburbia. The Teacher's Lounge: The Real Role of Educators in Your Schools is full of flashbacks, interesting stories, and decisions that shaped hundreds of lives in the field of education.

As you reflect with Dr. JBG3, there are exercises at the end of each chapter that bring the story to life and will help you grow as a person.

The teacher's Lounge book

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GCPS 2023-2024 Convocation
Speaker: Dr. John B. Gordon III

VSBA Tidewater Forum
School Today, Not Yesterday

Saturday School Session 1
Developing Your Student’s Routine

Saturday School Session 2
Social Emotional Learning

Saturday School Session 3
How Do You Know If It is Working?

Saturday School Session 4
The Self-Directed Learner

Saturday School Session 5
You Got This!

Dr. John B. Gordon III

Dr. JBG3 has been in public education since 1995 serving in various roles from substitute teacher, social studies teacher, head men's basketball coach, and building level administrator. Dr. JBG3 has experience at the central office level having served school divisions in the roles as director, chief, and now superintendent. His inspirational message has reached thousands of educators and students with his use of pop culture, comedy, and edutainment. An established author and dynamic public speaker that understands the mission of education, and has the ability to inspire a generation...one student at a time.

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